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I'm starting this off with a cross-post from my lj in order to remind myself of the UP portion of the afternoon:

Method #4,563 for injecting goofiness into the corporate environment

Get caught absent-mindedly having stuffed half a head of broccolli in your mouth (by the stem) because you had a Brilliant Idea just as you were reaching for your daily vegetable allowance.

Cue exploding coworker giggles. Don't notice the giggles until they have drawn a crowd around your officle, all watching you type away earnestly with a giant broccolli tree growing out of your mouth.

Look up, and mutter a muffled "nngh?".

I tells ya, it's moments like that wot are the secret to my "success".

(especially when they're followed by your own comic strip rendition now proudly displayed on our wall!)

The endorphin rush from the not-so-new exercise routine is staggering. My energy reserves have quadrupled, stripping away the last two years of physical deterioration.

Unfortunately, my workload has quintupled, and is beginning to threaten said reserves, but I'm working on it. Hard.

The other major bonus of the workout routine is that I can once again button my long winter coat, something that I was considerably ashamed of not being able to do post-partum.

The other major threat to my energy is that I've been out every night this week -- and hours later than usual! My social life is currently rivalling the one I had in Montreal -- sewing nights into the wee hours, impromptu martinis on Church street after experimental beauty school pedicures (we did it for the students, she says as she wiggles her blue toes), dinners with bright souls and sudden home reorganization urges (no I'm not pregnant again, I'm just getting overwhelmed with kipple).

But endorphins remind me the upswing to all of this -- the blazing light of my peers, that I am heading for a definite promotion and am being handed prestige by the basketful with every assigned task, that I am finally learning to take care of my home in a way that I was terrified I'd never be able to do.

That, and I've recently had a spiritual experience so utterly ...astonishing... (for lack of an adequate word in any of the languages I speak) that I am quite bolstered by it e'en as I am distracted and wishing to only think of that.

Ahhh, it has been a very full week -- the sort that I will look back on in my last moments (whenever they will be) and smile with the knowledge that I have lived so very fully. That beings said, I'm still so fooking tired!


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