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Last night I found myself shaking with the stress of the next few days.

A decade ago, the next few days would have seemed a dream, and then I did not shake. Today, for some reason, I shake.

Tonight we are following rush-hour to the western wilds of the city to help a friend of ours try to escape from a terrifying situation. Hopefully we will manage it unscathed; or at least ahead of where he's been the last few weeks.

Then we head off to a birthday party that I pledged our presence at (since we haven't seen the birthday boy in yonks) and I try to stay awake hours past my habitual passtime -- a task that seems to be getting more and more difficult.

Tomorrow morning we leave as early as we can manage, for Montreal. Six hours later we will dump our stuff, and begin shuttling between the two hospitals that currently house my freshly liposuctioned (but dramatic like it was open heart surgery) mother, and my grandmother who quit smoking three years ago whose lungs collapsed anyway when they did a heart bypass after her latest heartattack.

Aside from John's housewarming party on Saturday night, we won't be doing much socializing I'm afraid -- despite there being at least three people I can think of that I really want to hug right now.

Mystie, I was going to bring my digital camera to take a drive-by photo of your hoo-blair (that's an old slysdexic joke) but I'm glad to see that you managed to get a photo taken, sicne the logistics of finagling that rendez-vous were stressing my out.

On Sunday we're having a quick breakfast with my best lady who I haven't seen since the wedding, and then heading back to Toronto after another set of hospital visits.

If we're lucky, that is, and my harpie mother is still hopped up on morphine enough that she doesn't attempt to guilt-trip us into skipping that breakfast.

She'd better fucking not.

Heh. Next week is looking much more promising, and I apologize again to the Montreal crew that I feel as though I'm essentially snubbing. I miss you all, immensely. You should maybe come visit us sometime.


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